First Post – 8.27.16

In this class and over the course of the semester, I hope to become more comfortable on the computer and with technology. Since I have come to college, my appreciation for technology’s potential has increased; I have realized all that it allows us to do and the possibilities it gives education and especially the humanities. Everything we do to educate can be enhanced through technology. History can now come to students and researchers who would have never had the opportunity to be exposed to it (despite the usual drawbacks to such strong reliance on technology.) However, access to digital archives and educational resources can enliven a supposed “dying” field of study. This class will give me the opportunity to be introduced to these possibilities so that I can apply them to a career in history during this technology-reliant time. Even if I do not go into history as a career, taking this class will prepare me to work with different types of technology and give me various computer skills. By taking this class, I will be able to further holistically educate myself – a proud aspect of Creighton’s Jesuit education.

I honestly have no idea what I would want to do for a final project. I am interested in both archives and interactive educational resources. I would want to base mine in history. As I am just thinking of ideas, I could do something with the National Parks and maybe something interactive, especially since it is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.


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