Final Project Proposal

I came to the meeting with my professor about my final project with not many concrete ideas in place. I had brought up the idea of doing something with national parks because that is something that I am interested in. However, as I was sitting and brainstorming, I realized how unoriginal that is- there are many digital humanities projects about national parks complete with artsy pictures and people who actually travel the country traversing the immense American beauties that are in our National Parks. So, I thought about things that interest me and that I would enjoy working on. Going to every national park is on my bucket list so I went to my bucket list to think of something else that I really like. Another thing on my bucket list is to go to a baseball game in every MLB stadium. And then I got the idea to do the same sort of thing with baseball stadiums as with my national park plan.

In my project, I hope to show the history, transformation, and growth of baseball stadiums in America. By showing a history of “America’s favorite pastime” I will be able to show the history of America as well. I hope to include data on most, if not all Major League stadiums. Every stadium will have a short history, a few pictures, and some relevant facts about the teams and cities that played and were affected by the stadium. The technology and layout of my project will be based on the initial page of a map of the United States (and Canada to include the MLB teams there.) There will be a slider along the bottom of the map where you can manually slide and maybe have an automatic succession the displays the timeline of growth of baseball stadiums across the country. There will be another page with another map that has every stadium pinpointed. The user will be able to click on a stadium, view a couple pictures and then read a short history of the stadium.

As far as my worries for this project, I am nervous about creating the site because technology is my weakness in this class. I am worried that the amount of time I will have to spend on figuring out the tech stuff. I am also worried about finding accessible information on the history of America’s baseball stadiums. I am nervous about the amount of research I will have to do to record the history of each stadium. I hope it is not too much to handle. However, I know if I am having problems, I will be able to talk to my professor and go to the resources at the library if I need more data. I am excited for this project because I am interested in baseball stadiums and they are something I want to see in my future. The culture that surrounds American baseball and stadiums reflects the history of the nation itself, which is pretty cool.


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