We’re talking about practice

Here is my Timeline. It is not very good because I kept changing it and getting frustrated because I have a mental block against technology I do not really understand right away. However, I played with the software and now feel a little better about it.

I worked on this Timeline during class and it was pretty helpful in telling a story. It would be particularly helpful in telling simple stories with lots of pictures. For example, a history project would work perfectly with the Timeline feature and then below it you could put all your links or documents or archives. I do not think it would be helpful if you were telling a complex history that needed lots of captions and long paragraphs to accompany it because there isn’t really long spaces to accommodate it. However, it would be a perfect starting page for a website with lots of links and off-shoots, which could go below the actual timeline. This is also useful because it is pretty user-friendly with practice, especially for someone who is familiar with computers and this type of software. If I were to downsize my project to say just one stadium and focus on that, this would be helpful. At first, I was overwhelmed by the software and did not know how to use it, but after I practiced it, I realized that it is very practical.

Story map looked very professional and useful in doing a digital humanities project. Using space to tell a story is a helpful tool, especially in history because it shows how things have moved, developed, and grown on a changing map. This would be helpful for my baseball park project because I want to tell the story of how baseball stadiums developed over time. Story map would be helpful because it has all the features to show this. However, I am a little intimidated by how to use it and navigate building the StoryMap and my project in general. I think this is the only reason this site would be unhelpful because it would inhibit me from using it.

The reason these tools are helpful in telling stories is because they provide users with resources to tell a moving and fluid story through a digital medium. That is why digital humanities are so great: they allow you to create better fluidity, change, and movement in a story.

I just have to bear with myself while I practice creating something fluid, changing, and moving.


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