Palladio + Looking Ahead

I chose to work with Miriam Posner’s tutorial on Palladio because I feel that since she commented on an earlier blog post of mine, we are obviously friends now. The tutorial was very helpful and easy to understand, especially because I could move back and forth from her tutorial and the actual site. At first, I struggled with figuring out how to insert a sample data set into the program to begin, but once I figured that out, I was good to go. Here is a picture of my first map:


It doesn’t seem very complex and exciting, but it matched what I needed to do for the tutorial. Here is the rest of my work on Palladio:


If I were to continue with the tutorial, I feel that I may get lost, especially since I do not have my own data to work with. I believe that with more work from the Stanford Digital Humanities department working on Palladio and more practice on my part, I could use Palladio for a really cool digital humanities project looking at the expansion of baseball and Fenway Park’s influence over time. Visualizing my data would allow me to display movement and change over time – something very useful in visualizing data and digital humanities. I felt pretty accomplished for being able to navigate the tutorial and understand Palladio because I am not usually known for my technology skills in this class. 🙂

Looking forward, I feel slightly neutral about my final project. Right now, I am working on the research part of it – finding dates, stories, pictures, and resources to include in my project. This is the area I feel comfortable in. I was told that once I have all my data, I will be able to work with my professor and he will help me learn how to actually input the data into whatever program I am using. This is the part that is making me nervous because I am afraid that I will have to spend gross amounts of time working on this while simultaneously writing three other final papers for other classes. My goal is to be finished with all the data and history/research part of the project by the time I get back from Thanksgiving break. That way, all I will need to worry about is manipulating my data so that it will work in one of the programs we have learned about in class. I will have about three weeks to focus on the digital aspect of my project. I am really interested in the things I am learning about Fenway Park from my research. That has been the thing I enjoy doing when it comes to working on this project: the knowledge stemming from my research.


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