Update: Final Project

pic-3                                                                   pic-1


Above are pictures of my final digital project to date. Since I decided to focus on Fenway Park, I am using Knightlab Timeline and Neatline software to show how Fenway changed over time and how the specific landmarks create the Fenway history that so many people have come to love. My Neatline portion displays various buttons that users can click on to learn about the specific landmark and view historic and past photographs of them. This allows me to portray how the park has changed but stays true to its history and tradition. The Timeline portion allows me to display Fenway’s history over time. There were a lot of historic events that occurred at Fenway – not all relating to baseball. This implies that Fenway mirror of American cultural change and history- from FDR, JFK’s grandfather, race relations, and Bruce Springsteen. Looking to the future, I will continue to refine my progress on my Neatline map as well as finish and sharpen what I have for my Timeline. I hope to overlay maps of Fenway over my Neatline project that users can control by sliding a smaller timeline along the bottom of the window. Also, I intend to add my Timeline from Knightlab to the overall Omeka site that is housing my project so that users get to see how the birds-eye view of Fenway changed over time and how events and planning of the park changed over time.

In these next two weeks, I hope to not face too many challenges. I think the biggest obstacle I will have to overcome is overlaying the maps and making the public view of my site clean. I am worried that I will have tabs that lead to nowhere or untouched tabs that will be visible to public viewers. I am also worried that my information is too general and not really connected. Sometimes I think my project is just a bunch of fun facts rather than an actual history of Fenway. To combat these obstacles, I am going to work diligently on my project for the next two weeks so not to have any last minute problems. I am going to get help on learning how to overlay maps as well as making sure all my loose ends in the public view are tied up. Otherwise, I think I am doing okay. Hopefully everything turns out well and my project shows that I have worked hard at trying to understand various digital tools that build DH projects.


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